Wednesday, August 18, 2010

St Peter's Academy

Diocesan Education for Ministry Coordinator Cecil Keener recommends this upcoming event.

A new initiative at St. Peter's - The St. Peter's Academy. This would be ideal as the next stage up in Biblical Studies and Philosophical Theology/Apologetics, for EfM graduates!

St. Peter's Academy - Evening Classes for Inquiring Minds this Fall
St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Del Mar is launching a new initiative this fall - "St. Peter's Academy (SPA)" will offer informal college-level seminar-style evening classes for inquiring minds on various religious topics, taught by parishioner Dr. David Moseley. The first two classes offered by SPA will be The Problem of God: An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion (Wednesdays) and Exploring the Christian Scriptures: An Introduction to the New Testament (Thursdays). Classes will meet weekly, 6:30-9:00 p.m. from September 15th / 16th through December 22nd / 23rd in the upper classroom of the education building on the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Del Mar campus. The course will be multi-media, involving PowerPoint presentations, maps, slides, movie clips, visual art and music. Detailed handouts will be provided, reading requirements are minimal, and there will be no tests!

Full details about syllabus, schedule and enrollment can be found on the St. Peter's Academy webpage. Alternatively, for more information, please e-mail Dr. Moseley ( or contact the Church Office: Tel. (858) 755-1616. You can download information packets for each class from the St Peter's website.

"The biblical characters and places in the New Testament became alive for me in David's class. He delivered the serious scholarship of the New Testament in an entertaining style such that I was mesmerized in every class." (Sun Spriggs, St. Peter's Parishioner)

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