Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter Notes

Chapter is the Cathedral’s “board of directors,” or governance body, and meets on a monthly basis. At our January meeting, I was elected people’s warden for this year, and as part of my work in that role, I plan to keep the St. Paul’s community informed about what’s going on at chapter meetings. Here is my first report to you.

February Chapter Retreat
New chapter members are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting each January, and the February chapter meeting is traditionally a “retreat,” where continuing and new members get to know one another, and the nuts and bolts of chapter service such as the by-laws, committee structure, and finances are presented. This year our retreat included a Friday night shared meal so that everyone could get acquainted, followed by an all day meeting on Saturday at the new Episcopal Church Center in Ocean Beach.

For many of us, it was our first visit to the Ocean Beach facility that was previously the campus of Holy Trinity Church. As we gathered Saturday morning, the facility was already bustling with activity around the weekly community breakfast that is held at the Center. The ministry of the Center was immediately visible to us, and this impression was strengthened by the comments of center coordinator Nancy Holland during our tour of the campus, where we were invited to envision the Center’s future.

Then, it was on to the business of the day, a shared lunch, and an afternoon session devoted to re-envisioning the meaning of leadership, and first thoughts about future growth trajectories for the Cathedral. The retreat ended with prayer, and we departed with lots of new ideas, hopes and enthusiasm for God’s work at St. Paul’s.

March Meeting
The March meeting of chapter followed a more typical business meeting format. We welcomed Scott Crispell, the newly appointed Bishop’s Warden. Then, convening as the sole member of St. Paul’s Senior Homes, Inc., we elected new members (Larry Hoekesma, Janet Cooper, Jacqueline Carpenter, Janie Davis, and Dr. Louise Phipps) to the SPSH Governance Board as recommended by Cheryl Wilson, who also presented a summary report of the financial status and accomplishments of SPSH. Chapter then convened as sole member of PACEM (Pacific Academy of Ecclesiastical Music) for the election of three new board members for that organization (Robert Wilkins, Lucinda Parsons, and Elizabeth Carey).

Reports from the dean, sub-dean, and various committees were presented. We also heard that timely progress is being made on the organ restoration, and that the LLC is studying the way ahead for various options and timings of the sale of our two development-approved properties. We heard the first progress report from the newly formed strategic directions group that has begun to consider the Cathedral’s “path forward,” in response to discussions at the chapter retreat. We also elected two chapter members, Vicki Hoppenrath and Judy Moore, to be the Cathedral’s representatives on the operational board of Saint Paul’s Senior Homes.

Our next meeting will be April 3.

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