Thursday, July 12, 2012

A new People's Warden: monthly chapter report

At the June Chapter meeting, I was elected the People’s Warden – a daunting task, having to fill Mark Lester’s shoes. I trust you know that Mark has been appointed the Dean’s Warden. Dr. Russ Okihara has business obligations that prevent him from continuing as the Dean’s Warden during the transition. And you may think I have heavy duty shoes to fill! Mark will be excellent – I already know, working with him thus far. And I hope you’ve read Mark’s three blogs for this year. They are filled with great information about our – now my – responsibilities and our relationship with the Cathedral and in particular the congregation. And that’s where I come in.

As I see myself, I will participate in a number of committees and boards. I am on the Board of Saint Paul’s Senior Homes and Services as an ex-officio member; another new Chapter member, Vicki Hoppenrath , was also appointed to this position. I am also on the Endowment and Finance committees. Yet as the People’s Warden, I envision myself primarily as representing the interests of the people of our wonderful congregations and as such I will write a monthly blog on what the Chapter is working on, has completed, is thinking about, etc.

We have a very reachable and caring Cathedral staff and I hope with whom you would feel comfortable talking about anything that is of concern for you. If you are uncomfortable taking that first step, please don’t hesitate to contact me and with complete confidentiality, together we’ll come up with an answer. I check my email often so do not hesitate to contact me at

And now to what transpired at the June Chapter meeting. Bishop Mathes attended our meeting, offering an opening prayer, and most important to the Chapter, discussed his observations from past experiences in the search for a new Dean. First and foremost, we needed to say our farewells to Scott and Mary; and difficult as it was, I think we all gave them a glorious send-off.

The Bishop noted that the transition process typically takes 12 to 18 months; an Interim Dean will be appointed during the transition period and that is where we are at the moment. The Chapter will provide the congregation with ongoing status reports, most likely with blogs and forums.

Scott gave accolades to Russ Okihara for a job very well done as the Dean’s Warden, accepted his stepping down, and appointed Mark Lester as the new Dean’s Warden. Scott went on to detail his and Mary’s move to his new parish.

From the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Christine Spalding reported the banister on the steps from the Sixth Avenue patio door of the Cathedral to the vestry area needs to be replaced and bids are being obtained. Inside our Cathedral, the walls and chambers for the new organ are already being constructed.

Among Old Business, Chris Harris reported the restored Cathedral organ is scheduled to return on September 11th and may debut as soon as the first Sunday in Advent. Kendall Squires of the LLC reported plans are in works for the sale of the Nutmeg property. As you may have noticed, there is a sign on the Nutmeg property for its sale. Scott has stepped down as a member of the LLC as he heads for his new parish in San Francisco. Allisyn Thomas was nominated as the Cathedral member for the LLC, and the Chapter unanimously elected her to that position.

God bless you all and know that our faith will continue to keep us strong and healthy!

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