Sunday, July 22, 2012

Support marriage equality and Bishop Gene Robinson!

Pastor Jim Garlow at Skyline Church was a major supporter of Prop8. His church is sponsoring a "conversation on marriage" with prominent anti-equality voices Jennifer Roback Morse (NOM, The Ruth Institute) and Robert Gagnon.

 Representing equality are John Corvino and none other than our friend Bishop Gene Robinson,  who have agreed to join the conversation, to be held at Skyline next week (6pm on Sunday July 29th).

Please join us attending this event in making a powerful witness for equality. Pastor Garlow has asked his crowd to be respectful of alternative points of view, and we ask the same. Remember, many of these people have never met LGBT people of faith. Let's go show them who we are!  This is an opportunity to build bridges and change hearts.  

A carpool will leave from SPC at 4.45 on Sunday.

 Contact Canon Chris Harris for more information (

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