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Meet the Chapter Candidates

2013 Chapter Candidates
St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral

Don Pellioni

There are many things that I love about St. Paul’s.  It is a shining example of what a church community should ideally be - warm, welcoming, and inclusive. In this community, we are first accepted as the persons that we are.  We are then nourished by our liturgy and music, our educational programs, and by the loving people of this community to grow and develop further.  When Norm and I first came here in 1998 after a very long search for a spiritual home, we were both very surprised and very sure that we had finally found this elusive place.  St. Paul’s has been a tremendous blessing in our lives since that day.

We are entering a period of transition as we go through the process of calling our next dean.  I would be honored to serve on the Cathedral Chapter over the next year to assist in this transition and to help plan the direction to which our community is being called.

I have worked in San Diego as a physician since first moving here in 1985.  I have also served on various administrative committees with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, and Sharp Memorial Hospital.  I am presently working at the Department of Veterans Affairs in the medical evaluation of service related injuries of veteran and active duty military personnel.

Pat Kreder

I was christened and confirmed Episcopalian, and most of my life grew up in the Episcopal faith attending St. Andrews, La Mesa.  When I moved downtown in 2003 I became somewhat “church displaced.”   I tried several different churches, including the Cathedral, but didn’t make a decision until I attended a “Meet the Dean,” with Scott.  It was at that event that I knew I had found my church home.  Here was a place where my faith could grow, my questioning was welcomed, and my understanding and love of all of God’s creation was being made new.

I wanted to get involved, so I became a Greeter.  That role just seemed like a great fit for me and a way to meet visitors, like myself, as well as long time members.  I have since then taken on the Chairmanship role of the Greeters and couldn’t ask for a more wonderful and dedicated group of people with which to work.  Chris Harris then asked if I would like to join Nancy Tarbell and her group of ladies that were forming the new women’s group (WT@SPC).  What a blessing that experience has been.  I have also been very fortunate to have completed my third year as part of the Stewardship Team.  It never ceases to amaze me how committed the St. Paul’s family is to the work being done at the Cathedral.

Although retired from banking, during my tenure I served on several non-profit boards.  I also currently serve as Treasurer of our HOA and enjoy volunteering at my grandchildren’s school.

I feel very privileged to have been asked to serve on Chapter.  This is an important and exciting time for our Cathedral.  Through prayer and discernment we will be finding the person that God has already chosen for St. Paul’s.  I look forward to serving all of my St. Paul’s family and to following God’s path for me in this new role.

Bart Smoot

 St. Paul’s has been an important part of my life for almost all of the 23 years I’ve been in San Diego.  I am a lifelong Episcopalian and feel that St Paul’s offers so much spiritual sustenance for me.  As time as past, I have become more involved, and with each new thing that I have been involved in I found it even more rewarding to give back – recognizing that the whole can be better than the sum of its parts, but only with a lot of effort!

At St. Paul’s I have served in many positions. This has included serving as the Cathedral Treasurer from 1999-2001, chair of the Investment committee (the precursor to the Endowment board) from 1999-2001 and again from 2004-2005.  I served as president of Integrity from 1998-2000, and was active in that group throughout the 1990’s.  I’ve served as acolyte and chalice bearer, as well as a Lay Eucharistic minister for most of my time at St. Paul’s.  I was also part of the search committee that called our past Dean and served on a discernment committee for one of our aspirants to priesthood.  I was subsequently on Chapter from 2007 to 2010 and served as your Dean’s Warden from 2008 to 2010.  This past year, Dean Richardson appointed me to be chair of the Finance Committee (filling big shoes when our former Chair Jack Lentz resigned).

Being asked to run for Chapter is not an easy decision for me.  I always weigh first, whether it’s more appropriate to have “new blood” on the Chapter.  Secondly, I weigh whether I have the time needed to properly devote to this endeavor.  I prayed and reflected about this.  I recognized, after reflection, that it is important to have people who have continuity with the history of our parish, as well as familiarity with the relationships between our affiliates and this is certainly something I can offer to members who will be newly entering Chapter this year.  Also, I have already been serving as your chair for our Finance Committee, and in this capacity have been attending Chapter meetings this past year to report on our financial status. 

Professionally, after many years in business and software engineering, I had a change of career and went to medical school and then completed a Family medicine residency both at UCSD.  I currently work at Family Health Centers of San Diego – a community health clinic system of 15-20 clinics in central and south San Diego where I see patients for 3 days / week, and utilize my former software engineering skills on the other 2 days to help us in our implementation of our Electronic Health record.  Personally, I am married to my partner Kevin, being one of the 18,000 couples who got through the pre-proposition 8 “donut hole” in 2008.  We live in Bay Park, and have a large garden and chickens, a dog, cat, frogs and fish!

Lisa Churchill

 St. Paul’s had me from, “no matter where you find yourself…”  I’d never experienced such an open, accepting environment for spirituality.  As sacramental Christians, we are a Eucharistic people, and I love the “open table” aspect of St. Paul’s where all are welcome—no exceptions.  We  gather around the table as people not always united in viewpoint, but joining together in thanks for Christ’s sacrifice.  I enjoy cooking and sharing the labors of those ambitions, so this aspect of our community is particularly close to my heart.  It’s  also an unexpected joy to be able to participate in the offering of the Mass itself, whether I am acting as acolyte, thurifer, or verger.  Being part of a team that prepares for people to come to Jesus’ table is a humbling experience each time I’m there. 

I have substantial experience in administration of non-profit institutions.  I am a Senior Grants Administrator at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, where I interact with a broad range of talented scientists from all over the world.  I advise investigators on funding opportunities, assist in the preparation of grant applications, and assure compliance with agency guidelines.  I analyze data and provide projections to senior management.

When my children were in school, I volunteered with their athletic clubs and the PTA.  Additionally, for nine years I was affiliated with EdUCate!, the University City Foundation for Public Schools, and I served on the board of directors for six.  We administered an annual six-figure budget benefiting the children of the UC cluster (three elementaries, a middle school and the high school).

I’ve been a Cathedral member for only a few years but I feel I offer both unique and universal qualities.  I have a background in non-profit institutions that is rooted in service.  Professionally, my role is to provide insight, to build consensus and develop teams that work toward a common goal. I know how to work within institutional structures and to seek creative solutions to a variety of challenges.   I am very honored to be called to Chapter and am confident I can contribute during this important Cathedral transition. 

Helena Chan

 I grew up on the East Coast and have family in Maryland, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong. For 3+ years now, I’ve lived in Rancho Bernardo, and attended St. Paul’s. I love liturgy – worship in art, music, drama, poetry with you- here at St. Paul’s.

I attend 10:30 AM service, serve as a sacristan (Altar Guild) with the second Sunday team, sing alto in the cathedral choir, and volunteer with the Urban Collective. This year, I am called to reflect on hospitality (a Benedictine buzz-word), as I listen and serve on Chapter with each of the dedicated persons who work and serve in this place.

I work at communications systems engineering, have cost account management experience, and am trained in inter-disciplinary electrical engineering (Ph.D.). People, physics, time, and money are what I consider with a lens of Good News, often competing with other cracked lenses, some my own! What do I choose to juggle in my tasks, and how do I influence others and outcomes of decisions based on my own discernment of what is important?

Past experience includes: Graduate of Education for Ministry (2011), Lay Delegate, Diocese of Los Angeles (participating in the process for selection and election of two suffragan bishops), Member, Christ Episcopal Church Vestry (Redondo Beach, CA), and Member, Inter-Cooperative Council BoD (Ann Arbor, MI).

What feeds me? Daily contact with Psalms/scripture and silence, Holy Eucharist on Sundays, growing in stewardship, Lauds at St. Paul’s on 3rd Saturdays 9 AM, spiritual direction, going on retreats, sharing friendship and commitment to the Gospel in the light of a living monastic tradition that reaches back 1000 years (Oblate of New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur, CA), and … Episcopalian food and drink-fests!

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you – the St. Paul’s community!
Please pray for me as I pray for you.

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