Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Voices of Women: A Dorcas House Story

When Gabriela came to live at Dorcas House in Tijuana, at the age of six, she was one of its first children.  Dorcas House was set up to provide a foster home for children whose parents were incarcerated in the local Le Mesa jail or had drug or other problems.   Many other children have come and gone since Gabriela arrived but the work and mission of Dorcas House has remained the same - to provide a safe, loving and nurturing home for our children so that they might become the people that they aspire and dream to be.
Gabriela dancing at Dorcas House
 she went to university

Gabriela stayed at Dorcas House until her fourth semester at high school, when she was able to go back and live with her mother.  She finished school and went on to study educational psychology at CESUN university in Tijuana.   Helping Gabriela complete university was important to Dorcas House so they helped fund her university studies.   Gabriela completed her degree in December and in January she will become Dorcas House’s first university graduate.   If that was the end of this story it would be a great ending but it is only the beginning.

Gabriela is now looking for work as an educator working with special needs children.  We recently caught up with Gabriela when she was at Dorcas House.  Asked why she had come back she simply said “I never really left.”  Today she comes back to the house to help Yajaira with her home schooling.  Yajaira has been at Dorcas House for about a year and suffers from a liver condition that prevents her from going to school.  Without the dedication and hard work of Gabriela she would not be able to read and write.

Gabriela working with Yajaira on her reading skills.
Each day the world spins around, day turns to night and night turns to day.  Dorcas House gave Gabriela her start in life and now Gabriela is giving back to our next generation of children.  Last year Voices of Women made a donation to Dorcas House to help further its work.  Because of this and the generous support of others, Dorcas House continues to change lives of foster children in Tijuana, one child at a time

From all of the children of Dorcas House, ¡Gracias.

 -Ezenwayi Amaechi       

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