Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why not to say, "We've missed you!"

The Rt. Rev. Dan Thomas Edwards, Bishop of Nevada, has some scenarios about how to welcome back people who have been away for a while.  Some of these may surprise you.
Do not make jokes about someone’s past absence or their return. You don’t know what you’re laughing at. 
...Do not say, “We have missed you.”
That is, don't highlight their previous absence. Don't quiz them on what may be awkward, or painful reasons for why you haven't seen them.  Just be happy they are here,  now.   He goes on:
So what might you say to a returning member? There are several good options.
“Good morning.”

“It’s good to see you.”

“Hi. How are you?”

“Thank you for coming. I’m glad you’re here." ....
Wisdom adage: If you want someone to come through a door, unlock it.

Second basic suggestion:

Don’t let the people wander off unnoticed in the first place. I could not begin to count the number of unchurched people who have told me they skipped church for a while for one reason or another, but no one noticed they were gone, so they never returned. You don’t wait for them to return before you notice they are gone!
 Read the whole thing. 

Have you noticed anyone missing?  

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