Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chapter Report

As the People’s Warden of St. Paul’s Cathedral, I am on the Cathedral’s Chapter (Board of Directors, if you will) which primarily oversees the finances as well as the buildings and grounds of the Cathedral. I serve on the Endowment and Finance Committees as well as the Board of Directors of Saint Paul’s Senior Homes and Services. Yet as the People’s Warden, I envision myself primarily as representing the interests of the people of our congregation and as such I will continue to keep you up to date on what the Chapter is doing.

The very good news, of course, is that we have a new and wonderful Interim Dean, The Very Reverend Rebecca McClain. Rebecca officially set up home in her new office on February 1st. I hope many of you have had the chance to hear her Sunday sermon on February 3rd and meet her at the end of that service. Rebecca spoke at Chapter on a variety of topics including the need for complete transparency regarding the profile in the search for the new Dean, keeping the congregation up to date on the progress while retaining confidentiality about potential candidates.

The Chapter elected five new members: Helena Chan, Lisa Churchill, Bart Smoot, Pat Kreder, and Don Pellioni. Their individual bios and photos are on the St. Paul’s website. The Dean’s Warden, Mark Lester, recognized and thanked the retiring Chapter members for their service: Kirsten Hanson, Jill Sanford, Russ Okihara, Shawn Anderson and Cassie Lewis who resigned to prepare for her big day, i.e. wedding! Don is filling Cassie’s remaining year on the Chapter; the other four members will serve a 3-year term.

The Search Committee for the new permanent Dean was approved by Chapter and they include Laura Gunn (Chair), Jeff Bates, Helena Chan, Margret Hernandez, Guin Kerstetter, Brad Lovelace, Paula Peeling, Bart Smoot and John Walsh. The Bishop’s Diocesan representative, Ana Garcia, will also serve on this committee as will Christie Fleming who serves as the non-voting Chaplain to the group.

Kendall Squires, the Chapter’s Cathedral Chancellor submitted his resignation. The Chapter accepted reluctantly but with appreciation for his long service (two decades) Chapter unanimously elected Kendall the title of Cathedral Chancellor Emeritus. Andrew Brooks, Vice Chancellor, was appointed the new Chancellor of the Cathedral.

At the Annual Meeting following Sunday’s service on January 20, the Very Rev. Rebecca McClain, Interim Dean, was introduced and welcomed. The new candidates to the Chapter, mentioned above, were officially approved. Guin Kerstetter presented a 2012 year-end Cathedral financial report while Bart Smoot presented the 2013 budget. Chris Harris reported a very successful Stewardship Campaign with 390 pledges currently representing $1,026,000 toward our goal of $1,050,000.

Ken Tranbarger gave the Chapter the history and status of the Cathedral Master Plan. The Nutmeg property was offered for sale and a purchase/sale agreement was reached with ColRich Inc. The Olive property is not currently on the market.

Sub-Dean Allisyn Thomas reported that 2012 was a successful year and that attendance at the Christmas holiday services grew again this year. She also acknowledged special thanks to Kendall Squires for his many years of distinguished service as Cathedral Chancellor and to John Peeling for his 50 years of service to the music program.

At a brief Chapter meeting following the Annual Meeting, I was re-elected as the People’s Warden. I am attending the Misa services, getting to know the people and while the service is entirely in Spanish, it’s as though I am hearing wonderful music that gives me a great deal of peace and comfort.

The Chapter retreat is schedule for March 15th and 16th; a separate orientation meeting is planned for the new Chapter members.

As always, I encourage you to talk to me during coffee hour after the 10:30pm or 1:00p.m. services or contact me at jmoore405@att.net if you have any thoughts or concerns.

Blessings and joy to all of you.

Judy Moore, People's Warden

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