Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meet your Chapter Candidates!

Join us at the Annual Meeting on January 19th as we elect  four candidates to our Cathedral Chapter  (our board or directors).  For more information about our Chapter and Cathedral governance go to

Elizabeth Hardy Carey

As a “cradle” Episcopalian and former clergy spouse, I can fully appreciate the calling of serving on Chapter for the Cathedral. My four children and I began attending the Cathedral in 2011. We were initially drawn by the beauty of the music and the unique blending of old-fashioned and fully-inclusive message that the Sunday worship provides. The kids joined the choirs right away and I followed suit a bit later. The richness of the children’s programming was a large draw too and I am happy that my children feel as at home at St. Paul’s as I do. I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom for the first 15 years of child-rearing. I have been an active volunteer at school, in the community and at church.

I started back into the workforce in January 2013 as a technical writer in the mortgage industry and have recently accepted the position of Development Coordinator for Dorcas House. In addition to singing with the Cathedral Choir, I sing with the Masterworks Chorale and am currently training to run in my first half marathon on January 19 - a milestone to celebrate a milestone year! 

Mark Patzman:

A native of Tucson, Arizona, Mark attended the University of Pennsylvania and later graduated from the University of Arizona. Upon graduation, he was commissioned in the Navy as a Supply Corps Officer specializing in logistics and business management. During a 20-year career, he was stationed in ten cities and served on several ships including an aircraft carrier, a destroyer and a cruiser. While on active duty, he earned his Master in Business Administration from the London Business School. For his final tour of duty, Mark returned to San Diego. Upon retirement in 2007, he worked briefly for Serco North America and the City of San Diego. Mark currently serves as the senior civilian and Deputy Commander of the Defense Logistics Agency’s Distribution Center for Southern California. Mark and his partner, Darren, live in Encinitas. They plan to marry in May at Yosemite National Park.

It is difficult to say just how much the St. Paul’s community means to me because it seems, today, to be such an integral part of who I am. I joined St. Paul’s about five years ago during a difficult period in my life, both personal and professional. For some reason, at that time, I decided to reconnect with the church that I’d largely ignored for 20+ years. As Robert Frost said, “and that has made all the difference”. The educational series and Forums enlightened me. The music moved me. The preaching grabbed my heart and inspired me. And the liturgy made me feel just a bit closer to God. Slowly, I allowed some of my walls to come down, recognizing the importance of the community. I had always thought that I came to church to be in communion with God yet I now realize that the path there is through the community. I stagger at how much work I still have to do to become a better part of the community…all the while knowing that as a child of God and I am loved. The gifts that St. Paul’s has given me make me want to give back. And yet, as much as I give, I continually receive more. Together, if we can figure out how to expand that virtuous cycle beyond the gates of this Cathedral, we will make great strides toward that seemingly unreachable goal of loving our neighbors as ourselves while helping to bring the Kingdom of God just a bit closer to all of us here on Earth. 

George Kuhrts:

I recently retired as a financial advisor, after spending nearly 21 years in the investment world with Ameriprise. Prior to my experience in finance, I had taught foreign languages and literature on the college level, as well as spent several years in the mid 80's working for the Lutheran Church (ELCA) as financial administrator for the Division for Global Mission and Outreach in the west African country of Cameroon. For the past few years, I have served on the St.Paul's Endowment Committee. I also have a keen interest in exploring issues which involve faith, communication and language, both on the theoretical/academic level, as well as in our day-to-day experiences with our neighbors and loved-ones.

St. Paul's Cathedral is important to me due to its inclusive outreach, willingness to explore and innovate, and especially the wonderful new friends I have met here in the past few years. One of my late clients was responsible for launching the initial funding which made Chris Harris' position possible a number of years ago. My neighbor, Lee Teed, Sub-Dean Emerita of the Cathedral, has filled me in on many of the details of St. Paul's past and our dogs play together on a regular basis. 

Don Pellioni:

There are many things that I love about St. Paul’s. It is a shining example of what a church community should ideally be - warm, welcoming, and inclusive. In this community, we are first accepted as the persons that we are. We are then nourished by our liturgy and music, our educational programs, and by the loving people of this community to grow and develop further. When Norm and I first came here in 1998 after a very long search for a spiritual home, we were both very surprised and very sure that we had finally found this elusive place. St. Paul’s has been a tremendous blessing in our lives since that day. I would be honored to serve on the Cathedral Chapter during this period of transition to a new dean, and to help plan the direction to which our community is being called.

I have worked in San Diego as a physician since first moving here in 1985. I have also served on various administrative committees with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, and Sharp Memorial Hospital. I am presently working at the Department of Veterans Affairs in the medical evaluation of service related injuries of veteran and active duty military personnel.

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