Monday, March 10, 2014

Ashes to Go: God's blessing

When I received the email from Chris Harris regarding Ashes to Go I was very hesitant to respond one way or the other. I thought it was a clever idea, but wasn’t quite sure if I agreed with such an unconventional method of giving ashes and I certainly was not sure if I could be involved in such a public display of my faith. But I kept being urged to give it a try and step out of my comfort zone.

I have several friends who have some strong opinions against organized religion. They know I’m a Christian and how much I love St. Paul’s. We seldom discuss religion. What if some of my friends would see me and think I was being a “sidewalk evangelist.” But what was the chance that any of them would see me. So I agreed to participate.

Ash Wednesday arrived. Allison, John and I got set up in front of the courthouse. Within 15 minutes who should walk up but one of my dearest friends I had hoped wouldn’t see me! She had jury duty. The gig was up!! After we discussed her jury duty she asked what I was doing. After a brief explanation I asked if she would like ashes and she said, “Sure, why not.” And there I was giving ashes and God’s blessings to my friend. I stood there after she left simply overcome by what had just happened and the joy I felt.

God does work in strange and mysterious ways. If we are obedient, although reluctant to His call, He does the rest! I can’t wait to participate again next year and encourage you all to do the same.


Pat Kreder

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