Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chapter report from the People's Warden

As the People’s Warden of St. Paul’s Cathedral, I am on the Cathedral’s Chapter (Board of Directors, if you will) which primarily oversees the finances as well as the buildings and grounds of the Cathedral. I also serve on the Endowment and Finance Committees. Yet as the People’s Warden, I envision myself primarily as representing the interests of the people of our congregation and as such I will continue to keep you up to date on what the Chapter is doing.

What a great March meeting – the first with our very wonderful Dean Penny Bridges! And we were on our best behavior; but then we pretty much always are.

First order of business was to approve to recess the Chapter meeting and reconvene as the Sole Member of St. Paul’s Senior Homes and Services (SPSH). Cheryl Wilson, CEO and President of SPSH, presented a brief status report including the recommendation that Bill Littlejohn be elected to the SPSH operating Board and the Chapter so approved. Cheryl also announced construction of a new PACE facility (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) has begun. Vicki Hoppenrath and yours truly were recognized for their contribution to SPSH as they completed their two-year term. Pat Kreder and Elizabeth Carey were nominated for a two-year term on this Board and both were approved by Chapter. We then approved to recess and reconvene as the Chapter.

Bart Smoot, Finance Committee Chair, reported the 2013 audit is proceeding. Recommended for signatories of the Cathedral checking account included the Dean (as a second signatory only), the Senior Warden, the Treasurer, the Clerk of the Chapter and the Finance Committee Chair. The Dorcas House checking account will include the above in addition to the Chair of the Dorcas House Committee. Chapter approved all of the foregoing. Chapter participants will receive a bill for the cost of dinners for this calendar year with special consideration for these costs for those who require it.

Christine Spalding, reporting on Building and Grounds, said Stan Livingston will be reappointed as Chair and John Will as a member of this committee. Christine also detailed the Southern Cross Report on the Cathedral property maintenance plan which will be updated to include the offices of the Bishop and his staff who are scheduled to move to Ocean Beach in April.

Chris Harris reported the Stewardship Campaign appears to be meeting its goals. The Organ Campaign is also nearing completion. The remaining balance on the line of credit for the organ renovation is approximately $40,000 and those who have outstanding pledge balances will receive a reminder. Chris also reported the Diocesan capital campaign is off to a good start. The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas will visit the Cathedral on Sunday morning, March 16th, at the ingathering. Mark Patzman reported the Personnel Committee is developing a Cathedral personnel manual to include personnel policies and procedures that comply with Episcopal Church Standards. Some initial planning is complete and a first committee meeting is to be scheduled shortly.

Mark and special guest, Kim Sorrell, spoke about the origins, mission statement, current activities and plans for Friends of Military Outreach and Support (FOMOS). FOMOS would like to initiate a Listening Project ministry pending the Cathedral’s insurer advising of any potential issues. The project was discussed further with the conclusion that the Chapter would like to see that a set of ministry guidelines and standing operating procedures be developed.

Don Pellioni, the Dean’s Warden, is participating in many Cathedral meetings. He gave a warm welcome to our new Dean, The Very Reverend Dean Penny, who thanked everyone for such a heartfelt welcome. She is happy to be in her new home! Dean Penny noted some initial impressions of the Cathedral as her orientation continues. The People’s Warden (you do know who that is, yes?) reported the Misa service continues to grow, the liturgy is expanding (we have acolytes, we process down the aisle) and another advertisement has been placed in el Latino due to be published March 21st.

Finally, Don reported that escrow closed for the sale of the Cathedral’s Nutmeg property on February 25th. The LLC will provide details about this sale to Chapter at their April meeting and will also prepare a summary report for the congregation. Stay tuned!

As always, I encourage you to talk to me before or after the 10:30 p.m. service or by my email at ( with any and all thoughts or concerns.

Blessings and joy to each of you.

Judy Moore
People’s Warden


Robert Heylmun said...

I am delighted to read such a full and informative report on what's going on at Chapter meetings. Keep up the good work, Judy!

St Paul Blog said...

Hi Robert, if you click on the label "chapter" at the bottom of this post, you can read all of Judy's previous chapter reports as well!

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