Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Meditation: Belonging

close your eyes to this world
and contemplate what it is inside
that holds you back from tears
along side Mary, the mother of God

on this the day when creation
held its breath, waiting, heaving
unbelieving that the Son of God
should die.

It should not have been so:
We belong to its travesty.

We belong to two thousand nails
struck hard into knotted wood
crossed and splintered by
ignorance talking, hatefulness walking
on a path rutted by many, many tears.

God, when you hear us 
on this day tell us what you meant
by a Savior convulsed and broken, 
a little lamb cut down
and laid to rest.

There must have been 
some other way
-- Mary’s devastation 
persuades us so -- 
unless there is a strength
to submission, a balm 
for fear, a dawn in the darkness 

unlike any we have ever known.

-The Rev. Colin Mathewson

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