Sunday, May 25, 2014

Your Secret Life

Hello All -

I saw a wonderful movie last night called "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." We all watched it together at home and it was wonderful. I think my 10 year old enjoyed it as much as I did. I liked it so much I bought the sound track which I am listening to know. It is great.

I was thinking about the story while I was out running early this morning and I realized that part of what I loved about it was I think it caught a part of the best of the human spirit without hype or glamour. It showed us a piece of the best of what we can be in a really weird kind of a way, which makes it even better because I think we all feel a weird at times. None of us need to be alone or feel less than okay in our weirdness. Weirdness is much appreciated by those who can slow down enough to stop and notice!

The movie also left me feeling a lot of empathy for human kind. We all arrive here ready to do great things. Just look at any 2 year old, nothing can stop them when they know what they want. Then life happens to each one of us. For some of us a drama takes place at home and life becomes unstable, we may get a debilitating illness or start to hang out with a rough crowd. As young people at school we may be bullied, put down, or undermined. The world is constantly sending us messages that we are not enough in millions of ways. We are called to continually manage our self talk around all the noise, put up barriers and protect ourselves. We are all just doing our best to make it though this crazy drama that is life.

We grow up and layers and layers of this have been applied through which we just continue to function. But inside each of us is this free spirit, this person that is just enough just as they are without doing anything. And in our adult lives there are these wonderful moments where that shell begins to crack off and we can be that uncluttered person again, ready to do great things. Ready to show up without fear and the baggage of life and just be the gift that we are.

Check out "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and then spend some time getting to better know your own secret life, seeing what happens when you start to let it out through the cracks in your layers!

Christine D'Amico

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