Saturday, July 12, 2014

Update from the EYE

San Diego Delegates Max, Ben, and Gabe
with the Presiding Bishop
Update from Christine D'Amico about the Episcopal Youth Event

We have three youth currently in Philadelphia participating in EYE with Susan Hulbert as the chaperone.

Susan is sending out amazing updates and pictures and I want to share them with you. When my 10 year old daughter Francesca saw all of the pictures and read the updates her response was, "I want to go to EYE." So now it is something for her to look forward to. Maybe your child or youth will feel the same way.

EYE is an amazing opportunity for our youth and something not to be missed. It happens every three years and the youth must be in high school to participate. So there is really one and maybe two chances to be part of this really unique experience with our national church! We let youth and families know about it through their youth classes and by emails sent out to families on our email list.

The three youth that are there participating are planning to come back and share much of what they have learned with all of us. So think about when EYE might be a good option for your family - and stay tuned over the coming months for more EYE events so you can learn some of what our youth learned and experienced while away.

Here is some of what the youth are doing and some photos you can check out.

From Susan Hulbert
Hello all, today to honor the theme of mission we embarked after morning worship on an urban adventure in Philadelphia. We went to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell ( no time to go in either but outside photos), then to Christ Church to learn about the history of the Episcopal Church.

Max D'Amico plays the organ in the Cathedral
in Philadelphia
There the boys met and talked to the current  bishop. We learned about responses to and services for the homeless at ECS Phil and viewed a film made by students there to raise awareness of issues of homelessness and hunger. We learned more about Episcopal history at St Peter's  and also about their programs to feed and cloth the hungry and homeless. Then we visited the Episcopal Cathedral. Then we went to the art museum where we all ran up the steps like Rocky Balboa and had a feast of Philly foods (cheesesteak) and a DJ for dancing. We returned to Villanova and had evening prayer with the PB and the Phil Gospel Chorus and St Thomas church group. We are exhausted in a happy way. All are sad tomorrow is our last day. Thanks all for the prayers and support. Peace and blessings !

Lots of activity!

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