Monday, September 15, 2014

Chapter report from the People's Warden

As the People’s Warden of St. Paul’s Cathedral, I am on the Cathedral’s Chapter (Board of Directors, if you will) which primarily oversees the finances as well as the buildings and grounds of the Cathedral. I serve on the Endowment and Finance Committees. Yet as the People’s Warden, I envision myself primarily as representing the interests of the people of our congregation and as such I will continue to keep you up to date on what the Chapter is doing.

  A busy meeting! And long, too, I might add. Yet we covered a lot of business and I’m here to tell you about it: First Committee report from Dr. Bart Smoot: The Cathedral’s financial situation was discussed. The cash flow has improved in spite of August’s not-up-to-budget pledge and plate offerings; not completely unusual for the summer months; yet total income less expenses for August was positive.

 Bart also reported we received a significant draw from the LLC for July. More details on this and finances in general to follow for the congregation. Christine Spalding had no bad news to report for Building and Grounds – always a good thing. She noted, however, that a sexton recently left the Cathedral and the position is currently open. Also, the office area vacated by the diocese is undergoing renovation and will be referred to as the “Great Hall First Floor.” Our own TVR Dean Penny managed a well-deserved two week vacation yet still kept up with myriad meetings including her Friday breakfasts at Harvey Milk’s. (Do visit her there!) Penny reported to Chapter that she is grateful to all to have given her first six months to become acquainted with us and to use her caring skills as preacher, teacher, liturgist and pastor. The next six months she will work toward continuing to manage a large church, and help create a vision for mission strategy. Penny will be giving the Forum on September 21 to reflect on what she has learned so far and what she envisions for our future.

Bishop Mathes presided at the 10.30 service on August 31, and participated in a Cathedral meeting to discuss recent events. There were over 100 parishioners attending.  I participated actively in this meeting.

Chris Harris reported on Congregational Development. By the time you read this, the new Cathedral Directory will be available electronically or you can purchase paper copes for $7.00 during the coffee hours. Chris has been invited to join the Board of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship, and our own Stewardship Campaign planning is well under way.

Colin Mathewson reported the Misa congregation is planning to announce on September 14th a 9-month educational offering for kids ages 5-10 that could be seen as a first communion course.

Laurel Mathewson reported that the 8-week Sunday Forum series on Romans concluded the last Sunday in August. She is also arranging leaders for the “Exploring Sunday’s Lessons.” The newly renovated nursery was opened August 24 with a blessing and thanksgiving to donors. Godly Play will host a diocesan-wide teacher training for three Saturday (Sept. 20, Oct. 18, and Nov. 15). Please let Laurel know if you or someone you know is interested.

The Strategic Mission Plan proposal was the focus of the August retreat. Chapter approved proceeding with this process. The working title will be “Vision for Mission. Chapter discussed selecting members for the VFM committee. Target committee size will be approximately 15 members, including representatives from each Chapter class. All committee members should be currently pledging Cathedral members.

Among the New Business items: Colin Mathewson discussed the California Proposition 47 recommended by the Outreach and Mission Committee for Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes. No action was taken at this time. Colin was asked to have the Outreach and Mission Committee arrange for a Sunday Forum to impartially discuss Prop 47.

Christine D’Amico presented a youth ministry expansion proposal. She outlined her involvement with youth ministry and how it has grown considerably in recent years. Current resources are not adequate to sustain this growth and her proposal included an additional staff person to share the increasing ministry work load. Chapter requested that the proposal be further developed and brought to the Finance Committee for consideration of cost implications.

Recommended lay delegates for the 2015 EDSD Convention were approved: Lisa Churchill, Roger Haenke, Vicki Hoppenrath, Susan Hulbert, Guin Kerstetter, Mark Lester and Carolyn Lief with Alternate Delegates Chris Harris, Christine Spalding and John Will.

The Nominating Comminute for new 2015 Chapter members was formed and includes Judy Moore as Chair, Vicki Hoppenrath, Susan Hulbert and Roger Haenke. Nominees are to be sent by Chapter members to the Committee by September 30.

As I said at the beginning, a long and fruitful meeting!

As always, please feel free to talk to me before or after the 10:30 p.m. service coffee hour or by email ( with any and all thoughts or concerns.

Blessings and joy to each and every one of you!

Judy Moore,  People’s Warden

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