Monday, April 20, 2015

Volunteers Needed ASAP! Benefit Homeless youth

Paula Peeling writes,
Volunteers Needed Immediately (by April 23) for the Gala to HELP SAVE SAN DIEGO HOMELESS YOUTH

18 volunteers are needed for the May 2 Saturday night Gala benefiting the homeless youth being served at ECC (Episcopal Church Center) in Ocean Beach. Hurry! You must sign up NOW for the mandatory training that is this Thursday, April 23 at 6PM. Please send an email with your interest to: Jeffrey Sitkov, Let him know you are from St. Paul’s Cathedral

As a result… -You will enjoy an evening, May 2, working side-by-side at the Del Mar Hilton with other volunteers to make this important fundraising evening happen -Over 3,000 homeless youth in San Diego will have hope for a place to go for life-skills, trades instruction, shelter, a GED, and a future that is built on newfound trust

On Sunday at St. Paul’s Forum, Sr. Karla Maria (of St. Paul’s Cathedral family) presented a compelling story of homeless 18-24 olds on the streets of San Diego. Sr. Karla, under the umbrella of Jeffrey Sitcov (President and Founder of Photocharity’s House of Hope for homeless youth), has been passionately giving music lessons, Sunday dinner, and the “next meal” to 25-35 homeless young people in Ocean Beach since Fall 2014. Sr. Karla has recently expanded the companionship and nutrition to include Thursday evenings at ECC. Sr. Karla has also been collecting plastic grocery bags that are being woven into sleeping mats for these youth living under bridges and piers. More information at


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