Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Race Time! Avoiding the traffic on Sunday

This year, the Rock and Roll Marathon encompasses two days.  On Saturday, there will be a 5K/3.1 mile race right next to the Cathedral.  On Sunday, a half and full marathon (13.1 and 26.2mi) will be run.  A very large contingent of the participants is part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, and have raised significant dollars for research into blood cancers, so the inconvenience actually is in service of something good.

Here's what you need to know.

Saturday:  the 5K goes along 6th and the parallel road Balboa Ave, in the Park.  It steps off at 7am. Most runners will be done by 7.30ish, and certainly by 8am.  If you are coming to the ordination at 10am, there should be little residual traffic. Most streets reopen to traffic at 9am and to parking at 9.30.  Map here.  Road closures list here.

Sunday:  the races start in our neighborhood at 6.15 am and finish downtown.  Dean Penny and other stalwarts will stand and bless the runners.  Most (but not all) runners will probably park near the finish and take shuttle up to the start. The half marathon (13.1mi) will go through North Park.   The marathon (26.2 mii) weaves from the park to Mission Bay and then comes back through Mission Valley, SR163,  and the park.  This will affect 163 northbound,  and many surface streets, many of which will not reopen until the afternoon.  Map here.  

THere is an extensive list of road closures here. 

General notes:  Northbound 163 will be shut along with ramps;  southbound will be open and able to exit to Washington West.  I-5 North and South will have many ramp closures from Sea World to Downtown.  Laurel Street and Washington Street will probably be blocked at India until about 9 or 9.15 am.   Access from North Park will be complicated, but some roads will start to reopen around 9.

Here's a handy on-line tool to look at closures.  It suggests:
Banker's Hill/Park West Alternate Access: 5:00 AM - 8:15 AM
Inbound: From I-5 south, exit towards Front/2nd Ave. Veer left to 2nd Ave. Turn left on 3rd Ave to enter area
Or if you want to come in from the north through Mission Hills/Hillcrest,
Inbound: Use southbound SR-163. Exit to westbound Washington.
Which ever way you come, expect lots of traffic because of the detours, so leave extra time.

Resources here; 


Barbara Murphy said...

Getting TO St. Paul's during this race has never been a problem for me. It's getting OUT of the area after
church that's been troublesome; last year it took me more than an hour to clear Hillcrest. Thanks for all the info as I plan this year's "escape" route.

St Paul Blog said...

I suspect that the safest way out would be down Laurel to the freeway, which should be clear after 10am.

The road closures in Hillcrest and North Park, as well as the shut down of the 163 NB lanes, will drive a lot of traffic into the neighborhood streets around Wsahington and University, and that is a late section of the marathon so they won't be opening as soon as the roads in the earlier sections of the race.

Decent recreational runners can finish a marathon in 4-5 hours, which would put them on their second pass through Hillcrest and the park between 10 and 11. BUt there are a lot of new runners in this race, who will probably take longer. The later parts of the course may remain closed to traffic till 2. Check the map!