Friday, August 12, 2016

Pardon our dust: the Great Hall Bathroom Renovation

The unused stairway, viewed from the Great Hall level
Everyone agrees that the restrooms in the Great Hall have needed work for some time. Peeling paint and crumbling tile is not the worst of it; the fixtures are very old, and they have been a source of frustration to many.

 At last, the Great Hall Bathroom Renovation is underway! This will re-build the downstairs men's and women's rooms, and add a new, gender neutral accessible restroom on the same level as the great hall.

To facilitate this expansion, the unused stairway on the north-west side of the Great Hall is being demolished.

These photos show the "before", and the ongoing state of the work beginning with the demolition of the stairway and the old men's room.

The original men's room

Demo begins
Demo continues

Demo proceeds

The original men's room, now

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