Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Chapter Musings

I find myself traveling back to Boston (again). This time for a more upbeat reason – to attend my daughter’s first Parents and Family Weekend at Wellesley College. For much of the summer, I made this same trip multiple times for a different and somewhat more somber reason – to be present to my elderly mother-in-law in her declining moments. The traveling is taking its toll not only on me, but also on the cathedral community, as I have been neglectful of my duty to report the goings-on at Chapter meetings each month. I only had to miss the July meeting but have found it difficult to embrace the task of communicating the many and wonderful and challenging things being discussed each month. Each monthly meeting is a stunning reminder of how engaged, passionate, and professional the group of volunteer members of Chapter is! Mea culpa out of the way, I can move on the task at hand.

The usual battery of reports was presented. Here is a quick update:

Staff reports 

  • Kathleen Burgess–AdministrativeOperations–Kathleen applied for and we have received a grant from the Department of Homeland Security for financial assistance in securing our campus. Additionally, our insurance company has paid us a claim for reimbursement of the appreciation paid on the underfunding of the pension contributions that we had to make in arrears. RobinTaylor–Children,Youth and Family(CYF)–Robin commented on the success of Homecoming/Youth Sunday on Sept. 18. 
  •  The Rev Laurel Mathewson–Christian Formation–N/A
  • The Rev. Jeff Martinhauk –Congregational Development and Stewardship–Jeff has been extremely busy with the preparations for Homecoming, ramping up for Stewardship and preparing for the transition of the Mathewsons. Daniel Love is the new Time and Talent Coordinator. Watch for a soon-to-come advertising push for the Armed Services Evensong on Nov. 13. The preacher will be the Bishop-elect of the Armed Services of the Episcopal Church, Carl Wright.
  • The Rev. Canon Brooks Mason–Liturgy and Music–The liturgy and worship ministries are gathering new members, which will be extremely helpful for meeting the demands of the cathedral’s busy and fulfilling worship life. 
  • The Rev. Colin Mathewson – Outreach, Mission and Latino Ministry - Reports transitioning most duties to new oversight. Latino Ministry continues to grow strong. Looking forward to National Latino AIDS Awareness Celebration on Oct 15. , 5 pm, at the Cathedral.

Regular and Occasional Reports 

  • Endowment–N/A
  • Finance Committee–Betsey Monsell– Cash position is very good for this time of year.
  •  LLC – Ken Tranbarger – Laurel Bay condo has an offer – should close by late November/early December. Greystar is finalizing plans and has made a second installment to escrow. Once Chapter approves the plans the escrow is non-refundable.

Wardens’ Reports

  • People’sWarden–Elizabeth Carey–Nominating Committee is at work–receiving Appendix I initial applications through Oct. 23. Please contact with questions.
  • Dean’s Warden – Mark Patzman – Discussed MMR results. All agreed is was a worthwhile exercise.
  • Dean’s Report – Penny Bridges – A full accounting of much of the action mentioned above. Additionally, Peggy Druce has died – a date for her requiem service has not yet been set.

Old business

  • Mutual Ministry Agreement–Dean Penny, Mark Patzman (Dean’sWarden) and I (People’sWarden) finalized the details of the MMA, which is renewed annually. Chapter reviewed the items and voted to accept the terms of the Chapter obligation.
  • Safe Church Policy Update–I think I spaced out at this point because I have no notes!

New business

  • Chapter endorsement on Ordination to the Priesthood–Chapter supported Jacqueline Bray Pippin, Chris Harris and Richard Lee in their desire to be ordained to the Priesthood. Chris’s ordination will be Dec. 10 (St. Bart’s in Poway) and Richard’s Dec. 17 (Good Sam in UC). Jacqueline’s has yet to be determined.
  • Resolution to accept DHS grant–approved
  • Resolution to accept denominational health plan–much discussion about this changing benefit for both lay and ordained staff. Chapter approved resolution.
  •  Resolution to dissolve the Cathedral Center for the Visual and Performing Arts–Erin Sacco Pineda was able to arrange a waiving of past due fees to the state (for the past 20 years!) resulting in an approx. $14K savings. The CCVPA will continue to operate as a vibrant ministry of the cathedral. 

Date of next meeting – November 1, 2016
Appreciations, Regrets and Closing Prayer
Friday, October 14, 2016 

Elizabeth Carey, People's Warden

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