Thursday, March 30, 2017

Beware Of Virus Threats and Scams on your Computer !!!

Hi all - some of you may already know that my computer has been hacked along with emails, personal credit cards and bank information. This happened last Monday and everyday there has been a new threat; I have Mcaffee virus protection but still hackers were able to penetrate again so I hope today it will be fixed and cleared up.

I am forwarding some pictures so you are aware of what may pop up on your screen and it sounds real because it rings alert and Microsoft message appears . "Do not call number listed it's is a scam ".

I already knew that and didn't call or give out any banking information somehow the hackers got it another way and planted a virus with "132 threats" .

Been working with Geek Squad , Microsoft Techs and now Netgear support for a week to get all these issues taken care of - if you don't have prepaid technical support warranty I would advise to get it .

Microsoft tech support charges $159 for annual service and $99 for a month service . Netgear charges $229 for an annual service for up to 5 computers . These support services access your computer remotely to clean up and delete the files that contain a virus.

Hopefully you find this information helpful so you do not fall into being a victim of these awful virus and scams. I'm sure that some of you like myself are aware of these attacks but you never know when it will hit your system .

Beware !!!

Don't call this number - scam and they want your credit card information to fix problem!!!

Netgear running remotely

A cleaner to locate threats

Take care , Jen

Jennifer Jow
People's Warden and Outreach Chair

From your blogmaster: More rules of thumb for security: 

 Do not re-use your passwords on different accounts. 
 Install anti-virus software and use it! 
Install Windows/MacOS system updates promptly. 
Disable Adobe Flash and Java on your browser. 
Backup regularly.
 Do NOT click on email attachments from anyone you don't know, or if they are unexpected from someone you do know (they may have been hacked). 
 Do NOT go to websites by clicking on links in email--they may misdirect you. 
See other posts on keeping your information safe.

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