Friday, September 8, 2017

Street Choir Benefit Concert: Homeless Serving the Homeless Through Music

Lyssa Melonakos of First Presbyterian Church shares this event with us:
The San Diego Street Choir, featured in the Union Tribune back in December, has grown a lot over the past year, both in numbers and in confidence.

The Street Choir is a choir designed for individuals experiencing homelessness. Despite the nature of street life—a constant lack of privacy, a constant nearness to other human beings, a life surrounded by urban activity—many homeless individuals experience intense isolation and marginalization from the community around them. Enough time on the street can convince anyone that their voice will not be heard. And yet, the Street Choir helps people truly get their voice back, and welcomes them into a genuine, supportive community. Many of them have been surprised by how impactful it has been to sing in the choir, to lift their voices among friends without fear. As one of the soloists explained, “I had no idea how powerful it is to sing in choir. God gave me a voice, and he wants me to use it.”

The Street Choir is now preparing for their biggest gig yet. On Friday, September 22nd, they will be showcasing their talents at the BlesSING Benefit Concert, at First Presbyterian Church at 7pm. Admission is free, but all proceeds collected during the freewill offertory will be donated to music and arts education at the Monarch School for kids impacted by homelessness. Please join us! You’ll be blown away by the passion of this unique choir.

This is a concert you won’t want to miss. For more details, check out the online invitation or the Facebook event page.

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