Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Photoessay: behind the scenes at Christmas

St Paul's offers a variety of Christmas services, from the 5pm family Mass, to the "Midnight" mass at 10.30pm, to the morning service on Christmas day.  This doesn't happen without our dedicated staff, clergy, and volunteers.  A lot goes on behind the scenes!  Here's a look at what you didn't see:

The Choirs practice before the 5pm service
Going over the acolyte roles in the back corridor

Sacristan Jim Witte tidies up after the first service
Bob Oslie places Baby Jesus in the creche

Between services, the church is quiet

The thurifers (Judy MacDonald and Ron White) rehearse their choreography
Acolyte Scott Bricknell replaces the stanchion candles

Canon Verger Lisa Churchill reviews assignments in the sacristy

Sacristan Kris Hatch does some last minute ironing

Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori waits in the back before the procession of the 10.30pm Eucharist

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