Sunday, March 14, 2010

A visit to Borrego Springs: An installation

Like many San Diegans, we went in search of wild flowers in the desert this weekend. (Note: they are excellent, and probably will be worth seeing for the next couple of weeks.)When we visit Borrego Springs, we enjoy visiting the bright Episcopal church of St Barnabas, which is located on Church Lane, all of a row with the Lutheran, Catholic, and Methodist churches.

St Barnabas has an amazing altarpiece, which is a large, picture window open to the spectacular scenery outside. It also has a lovely labyrinth laid out in the sand in white stone, where you can walk the path with finches calling overhead.

Upon arriving at the church at the (frankly unGodly ;-) hour of 8.30am for the Sunday Eucharist, we found the parking lot unexpectedly empty. A nice man met us and told us that there would be a special service at 3pm to install their new Rector, Rev. Laura Brecht. After a 2 year search, she had been called and Bishop Mathes would be there to celebrate her installation. (The nice man turned out to be Rev Laura's husband, Lyle!) So, off we went to snooze under an ocotillo, returning at 3pm to join a completely full church to join in the warm welcome of Rev. Laura to Borrego Springs. We took the liberty of taking a number of pictures.

The congregation is clearly enthused to have Rev. Laura and her family among them, and her joyful exuberance in the day was a delight. We wished everyone well, and headed back over the mountain to San Diego. We have a hunch Rev Laura will be a great addition to the Diocese.

If you make your way out to Borrego Springs, be sure to visit St Barnabas. They are a very warm and welcoming community. And if you're lucky, they will serve their usual sherry after the 8.30 service. Very civilized, St Barnabas!

Susan Forsburg & Lisa Churchill are Cathedral parishioners

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