Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can you help this lonely heart?

To anyone looking for a possible companion: Last week after school I was just leaving the parking lot and saw a dog.

I pulled over, jumped out of the car and followed her. I stopped at KFC and begged at the takeout window for some free chicken, and ran off with a couple of nuggets. I followed her for about a block and she crawled under a car. I spoke Dog to her. Nothing. I sat on the sidewalk for about a hour throwing chicken at her. She ate the chicken but didn't come any closer.

Finally, with the help of a passerby, I grabbed it under the shoulders while she scooped up its behind. After getting some more chicken for this little sweetheart, I drove her to the Humane Society. As I was driving with one hand, I broke up chicken bits for her, and she ate them. I gave her to an Animal Control Oficer who said it would be held at the pound for four days in case someone claims her, and then adoptable.

Four days later and no one has claimed her. She had her first and last litter just a few hours after I gave it to the Animal Control offcer. Just one puppy, stillborn. Underneath all the dirt is a beautiful white dog, about 10 pounds. She's been placed in the "puppy" section because she's about a year and a half. White teeth, not long in the tooth at all (unlike some of us). Her feet have smooth, dark pads that's another indication she is young.

I went to visit her yesterday and took a picture so I help find a home for this darling. She will not be euthanized, as God is my witness. The Humane Society tells me they do not euthanize dogs unless they are sick or overly aggressive. But if she is not adopted, I'm afraid she'll get sick. Please, if you're looking for a companion and don't want to date, she's your girl.

The shelter address is 5480 Gaines Street, San Diego, CA 92110; telephone 619-236-4250. As of now, she's 261. Please take a look at the picture I've attached.

Thanks, friends.

Jan Donaldson

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