Sunday, March 20, 2011

California Proclamation: Today is a day of remembrance and prayer for Japan

From the Governor's office:

WHEREAS, a devastating 9.0 earthquake struck northern Japan on March 11, 2011, also generating a tsunami which took thousands of lives and severely damaged nuclear facilities; and

WHEREAS, the people of Japan stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the United States as strong allies; and

WHEREAS, the history of our two countries proves that even the most bitter of enemies can become the most esteemed and trusted of friends; and

WHEREAS, California’s history, economy and culture is forever linked with the people of Japan, as common citizens of the Pacific Rim; and

WHEREAS, the people of Japan continue to persevere through a disaster of almost unimaginable proportions with courage, resolve and honor; and

WHEREAS, the People of the State of California are keeping the victims and families affected by this tragedy in their thoughts and prayers as the situation unfolds; and

WHEREAS, next week is Tsunami Awareness Week in the United States, a time for us to remember the importance of being prepared for natural disasters.

THEREFORE, I, EDMUND G. Brown, Governor of the State of California, do hereby declare Sunday, March 20, 2011 as: A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE AND PRAYER FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI IN JAPAN.

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