Friday, May 31, 2013

Spending this Sunday with Luke: a message from Rebecca+

Dear Ones,

After being thoroughly prepared for May gray (or grey if you’re from the UK), I must report that these sunny days are a great surprise and gift! It is also with delight that we enter into this long season of Pentecost while still in May. This year we get a few extra Sundays in what we call Ordinary time.

The Pentecost season begins in the wind and fire of the Feast of Pentecost and carries us through the green growing days of summer and all the way through the darkening days of late autumn. The final Sunday of Pentecost celebrates Christ the King, marking the end of the season and the end of the church year. Then we begin again, Advent 1 and so it goes.

This year (Year C) we continue our journey with the Gospel According to Luke, whose exquisite text is rich with meaning, symbols, parables, and hymns and written in the most sophisticated Greek. Every word and phrase matters, for he weaves the gospel story with great intention. If I could possess just one book of scripture, it would be Luke. Luke’s gospel is worth a lifetime of study and I especially love preaching during this season.

As we approach this long growing season I would like to encourage you to sit down with Luke’s gospel and simply read it. Look for themes, pay attention to the beautiful songs and enter into the mystery of the parables as if for the first time. I promise, you will be blessed.

This Sunday is also the Secular Feast of the Rock and Roll Marathon. If you are trapped at home and cannot come to church, grab a coffee and read Luke. If you make your way to church, I am honored to be your preacher! Either way, it will be a day of blessing.

Peace, Rebecca+

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