Sunday, September 15, 2013

From our Dean: a note on time

September 13, 2013

Dear Ones,

This Saturday, September 14 we celebrated our second family service at 5 PM. I told another story from Godly Play, The Circle of the Church Year.

It begins: Time, time, time. There are all kinds of time. This we know well. We also know that as time passes, things change and even when we resist it, we cannot stop change.

Here at St. Paul's Cathedral we are very mindful of the time, for we are in a time of transition and change.

On Sunday, September 22 we will celebrate Homecoming and the beginning of our fall programs. So many opportunities to learn and grow. We wonder if we will have enough time to do it all. I invite you to come and see, make a commitment to do one new thing this year!

Our Transition Team is very mindful of time passing as they begin their interviews with the candidates for our new dean. Remember to pray for them each day, using the prayer card as a reminder. Each candidate is also mindful of the time, considering what it means to end their time in one place and to begin a new journey to a new place.

Our curates, Colin and Laurel are also in a time of transition. On Saturday, October 19 at 10 o'clock in the morning, they will be admitted to the Order of Priests. The end and the beginning of a journey that began here at St. Paul's and continues to unfold. And there's more! The Cathedral family is going to have a baby.

Here is a note from Colin and Laurel:
Sisters and Brothers,
We have exciting news to share: we're expecting a baby at the end of February!

As our new arrival approaches, we may be shifting how we spend our time a bit to accommodate Laurel's and the baby's needs, but together we will make sure we are serving this congregation and its neighborhood much the same way we do now. Laurel hopes to be back at St. Paul's, half-time, after a six-week maternity leave. Parenthood certainly affects our vocation to serve the church and the world - but the call remains!

Of course, we know we are not the only couple expecting in this community, but given our roles within St. Paul's, we realize that our journey toward new life will be more nearly in view. Please keep us in your prayers, and all those who are pregnant and parenting.

In Christ,

Laurel and Colin.
Soon, Canon Allisyn Thomas, our beloved Subdean will step out of this moment in time and take on new responsibilities as the Canon to the Ordinary. We will celebrate her time with us on Saturday, October 26. We will remember her story, the time when she first arrived, her time of discernment and call, the time when she was sent out to New York City and the time when she returned to serve as our priest.

As we tell our stories, we hold time as a precious gift, a gift to be treasured. Mark your calendars and set this time aside for this special celebration and then join Allisyn for her last Sunday as Subdean on October 27.

Finally, I give thanks to you for my time here. It has been a blessing beyond words. We will continue to enjoy each moment as we move into the mystery of time, knowing that all time is holy!



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