Monday, March 22, 2010

Haiti update

There are 3 "R's" of disaster, according to Robert Radke, President of Episcopal Relief & Development, speaking to the disaster of the earthquake in Haiti:

First is the "Rescue" phase - usually the first week or so following a disaster.

Second is the Relief" phase, where the focus is on creating temporary safe and sanitary conditions. This is where we are now, and usually lasts a few months.

Third is the "Recovery" phase which will last for years.

Episcopal Relief & Development expects to be there for the long haul supporting Haiti's important and vibrant ministries. The Diocese of Haiti is a diocese of the Episcopal Church in the USA, part of Province II. The challenge of the "Recover" phase is that the disaster has been forgotten, the cameras have moved on, but the chonic needs of the people remain.

Please continue to pray for the people and the Diocese of Haiti, their Bishop (Jean Zache Duracin) and clergy. Especially remember to donate to the continuing relief work of ERD at Updates about Haiti can be found here .

On behalf of Episcopal Relief & Development - Thank you!

Carolyn Lief, Diocesan ERD Coordinator

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